Monday, 20 May 2013

Long time no see!

Apologies for the lack of blogging again, it's coming up to exam period and i'm really busy with lots of things at the moment so haven't had much time to blog. However, I have uploaded a few videos recently onto my youtube. I upload videos every monday and friday so look out for them on here and subscribe to make sure you can see them:

I've managed to finally get a job at uni! Working in an oriental restaurant which is actually quite fun and I get the occasional bit of free food. I've got a busy week again this week with job interviews, research participation and driving lessons but I spose I better update you about what things went on last week!

On monday I had my summer ball for my hall which was a good chance to get all dressed up and have a nice 3 course meal. Here's a picture of me and my then friend James (who has now become my boyfriend :D) :

Not much else happened last week apart from lectures, drinking and working at my new job although I did upload several videos. The first is a slender reaction video where me and my friends play slender. It's a bit long but it's so funny as i'm very jumpy and was scared easily. This is a shortened version my friend Phil made of all the funny parts!:

As it's coming up to exam period, I also decided to do a video about revision techniques for those struggling with revision. In this video I outline the most commonly used techniques and the ones that I also use a lot. This video can be seen here:

My most recent video is a Boots/drugstore haul from when I went shopping in Nottingham and in this video, I talk about my make-up purchases. The link can be seen below (it won't let me add another video in the blog):

I hope you've enjoyed the little update and i'll try and blog more as I enjoy it a lot!

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