Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello everybody!

Once again, I've been busy with lectures and have spent the majority of today working on coursework and doing a bit of revision. However, I have also just bought a dress from for my summer ball on monday. There was a choice of red or black but I chose to go for red as black is a bit of a dark colour for a summer ball. Now to dig out some accessories to go with it!:

I'm uber excited about this ball as it's a sit down 3-course meal with some of my friends and I haven't had a posh meal in ages (me being a student). I've got a good few days coming up it seems!

Tonight I am going to see a production called "Our House" which is presented by the stage society, I'm really looking forward to it and I can't remember the last time I went to a theatre production. Tomorrow I'm going to Nottingham on a 'RAG raid' to raise money for The British Heart Foundation but will most likely do a bit of sneaky shopping as well as i've never been to Nottingham (hard to believe as I'm only about 15 miles away!). Then I'm going out with a few friends to Subversion in the evening which'll be good. Then i'm gonna have a chill on sunday and maybe do a bit of revision/coursework if I feel like it.

Exciting news, today I uploaded another video featuring my good friend James eating 6 ice lollies on a very hot day (and then practically dying afterwards) which can be seen here:

I'm also uploading another video on monday about effective revision techniques for those who have got exams looming ahead and are suffering as a consequence!

But for now, goodbye! xxx

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