Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Or as they say in Germany, Frohe Ostern! Well, the clocks have gone forward an hour today, meaning we've lost an hours sleep :( Not been dealing too badly with it actually though although I do feel a little tired. Here's a picture of some easter eggs to get you in the eastery mood!

Yesterday evening I went to the pub with one of my friends and had a nice catch up and chat and then went for a McFlurry with my brother and his girlfriend after that, a good day! 

Today I played my Clarinet at church for the easter service and have just tucked into a nice roast beef lunch. It's pub quiz night again tonight which i'm really looking forward to as a lot of my friends are able to come. I haven't seen some of them for 3-4 months coz of uni! I'm liking being at home and seeing all my other friends again but a part of me misses uni as well as I like my independence and the stuff to do around me (My village here is very small and has a limited number of things to do). 

I hope you have all had/are having a nice easter and enjoying gorging out on chocolates if you managed to get an easter egg from the shops (they have been running out pretty much everywhere).


Friday, 29 March 2013

My favourite quote

"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming." 

This is my favourite quote at the moment which I remind people of if they're down but which I also use myself. Everybody has their difficulties in life but we have to try and deal with them and not get too beat up about them. It's always best to try and think of the positives of a situation and what you've learnt from it so that similar things don't happen again. I'm just glad that I have supportive friends around me who are willing to give hugs and get me on the right track again. I'm just gonna focus all the upset and negative energy into something else like trying to do well in my first year and trying to pass my driving test this summer. Hopefully that'll lead to a good outcome, at least I have less to distract me now!
Apologies for not blogging yesterday, I completely forgot and only just remembered as I went to bed! Was busy having a driving lesson and making hot cross buns all day to get me in the mood for easter. The picture below is not of my hot cross buns but I thought i'd put a picture on seeing as it's getting near easter.

As you all may know, today is good friday where we remember about Christ's death on the cross and this is what the cross on a hot cross bun symbolises. Today I went to a service in one of local towns for this and then visited my uncle's cafe for a nice cup of tea! Then went to see my grandparents for a spot of lunch which was nice. I'm enjoying seeing my family again a lot more as I don't get much of a chance to see them when i'm at university. At the same time, I am missing uni a little bit as i'm missing the freedom and having my friends so close to me. Had a nice little go on my new bike today as well and i'm so glad that the weather is perking up a bit and the sun is beginning to come out a bit more.

I won't be able to upload any more videos on my youtube account for the moment until I get back to university as my mum doesn't want me to film in the house. I hope you are all just as excited about easter as I am, got my first easter egg today!! Hope everybody is enjoying a nice long weekend off because of the bank holidays.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Blog success and baking!

Hey, I have exciting news to share with you all. This blog seems to be doing pretty well so far with nearly 200 views already (in 3 days)! 30 of which are in the USA and 3 from Germany! Nice to know that people are following my blog internationally as well. Long may it continue!

Today I've been busy doing a bit of revision (boring!) and making another 2 videos, one of them easter themed (which will be uploaded on friday) which is exciting! Links to my channel are here:

The weather seems to have been good today for once and I hope that it brightens up and warms up sometime soon. Got a good day ahead tomorrow as i'll start the day with a driving lesson but then i'll have to do some revision or coursework again :(


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Youtube, shopping and easter!

So, I uploaded two videos to my channel yesterday and they can be seen here:
Feel free to comment, rate and subscribe, another will be uploaded on Friday so get ready for that!

Thanks to Ryan Maffey for giving the logo a good spruce up and sending it to me, it looks great!

Anyway, on with the blog! Today I went shopping (again) with my brother and his girlfriend but managed to resist temptation to buy anything (except lunch ofc). Discovered that Lakeside now has a Forever 21 which is my FAVOURITE shop, it's obviously catching on.

Who's looking forward to easter? I'm looking forward to a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate! (Even though the cold weather means that it doesn't feel like it). I'm currently watching "The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass" as I love cooking shows, especially with Mary Berry! Feel free to comment and reply to my blog posts!

TTFN xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

New bike, pub quiz and a spot of lunch

Hey everybody!

Yesterday evening I finally got a new bike after someone stole my other one from uni :( It's blue and works really well for the price it was. At least I can get around now instead of not being able to go anywhere except for with other people. Can't wait to use it to try and get a little more fit :D Pub quiz actually went well for once, got 25/40 but not good enough to win a prize.

Good news! I have made my first video: "25 facts about me" which should be available on youtube (once it has finished uploading). The link to my channel is as follows:

Today I did a spot of revision (for once), made and edited 2 videos (which are now uploading) and went to lunch and had a good chat with a friend. Was really nice as we hadn't seen and spoken to each other for a while. Haven't got much else on today but my brother is off tomorrow so we might do something.

TTFN, Miranda xx

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Here goes!

Hello everyone who cares to see this :P I've decided to start a blog! This'll be all about my daily life and I will go on to post youtube videos in a few weeks (hopefully). I'll be blogging about all kinds of things, hence the name blog allsorts. I made a logo for this blog yesterday which you can see below. So lets get started!

Yesterday I did some serious shopping in Westfields (Stratford) with my cousins and got some really pretty clothes to wear now and over the summer. My ASOS order also arrived which was a nice thing to come home to after a days shopping. A long soak in the bath ensued later on with my new bubble bar from lush, a good end to a lovely day!

Roast chicken is on the menu for lunch today which I have missed dearly since being at uni due to the crap I usually eat! My friends are also coming home today which I'm so excited about and we're going to pub quiz it up this evening. Hopefully we wont come last AGAIN coz of all the questions that are aimed at middle aged/old people.

Another post will be coming soon, but ta-ta for now! :) xxx