Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Catch up and new video to be uploaded soon!

Hey everybody, I'm really busy with revision at the moment and so have had very little time to blog! Here's an update on what's been going on in my life at the moment.

Last weekend I went home for a few days and it was jam-packed! On saturday I went to my nan's hen do (yes, you did hear that right!) where we played mini-golf and had a nice lunch. On sunday I went to church, saw my grandparents and then tucked into a nice roast beef dinner which was much appreciated after many weeks without one! Then on monday I went shopping with my cousins and bought a new jacket and some shorts ready for the summer! Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been playing ball recently and has brought lots of unwanted rain :(

Whilst home I had the opportunity to do some baking and as it is my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow, I baked a cake to take back for him (and it managed to make it back to Loughborough in one piece!!). The next task is to ice it tomorrow and make it look amazing. On tuesday I had a job interview for a restaurant back at home for the summer and I got the job! Job success has been on the cards recently as i've managed to get two jobs here at uni - one in a chinese restaurant and the other in the students union shop (starting next september). At least i'll be able to afford more things now which is a good feeling.

I've got another jam-packed week coming up with a driving lesson, job induction and boyfriends birthday tomorrow and 2 exams next week (wish me luck). However, after wednesday's exam i'm going to have a BBQ and go out with my psychology friends to celebrate the end of two very hard exams (our next exam isn't until the 17th June so we can relax for a little bit). As well as all this I should really be uploading another video on my youtube channel as I didn't do one on monday. The next one I will be uploading will be a "Favourites of the month" video where I talk about what thing's i've been loving this month. Depending on how much time I have, this will be uploaded on either monday or thursday next week.

Hope you've all been well! xx

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