Monday, 15 April 2013

Pamper evening essentials!

Hello everybody! This afternoon I had a bit of a pamper and just thought that i'd show you the essentials that I use and give you a little review of them. I have pamper evenings whenever I feel like them and when I can (once or twice a week). It's a good opportunity to relax and calm down after a stressful or bad day and unwind.

Once the bath has begun to run, I add in some bath gel. I use enliven invigorating geranium and mountain pepper bath and shower gel because it has a nice soapy smell to it and you don't need much to get loads of bubbles out of it. Add in the fact that it was also 99p in my local shop.

Then I add in some bubble bar. I got mine from Lush and it's called Brightside. It gives off a lovely citrus zesty smell and it does make the bath a little orange! All you have to do is break some off and crumble it under hot running water from the tap. This bar cost me about £4 which is a little expensive but it is definitely worth it for those pampering nights. I also put in a pot of bath crystals which make it extra fruity. As it dissolves, it crackles and its like having popping candy in the bath with you! I got these from M&S and they came in a pack of five little pots and cost me only £1.50!

Before I get in the bath I also like to apply a deep cleansing face mask to clean out my pores. It's always important to clean your face and wipe off any make-up before doing this so that you don't clog up your pores even more. I usually do this with a facial wipe. I then use a headband to tie back my hair and apply my face mask. The headband ensures that you don't get any face mask in your fringe (if you have one). The face mask I use is mudd original deep cleansing mask and I got this from amazon for about £2. It has 10 applications worth in there so it lasts quite a long time.

I then get in the bath and either read a magazine or just chill until my face mask has set and I can't move my face any more (at which point I wash it off). After washing myself, I get out and moisturise my skin to ensure that it's silky soft!

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