Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Breakfast, shop and bakeathon!

So today I went to Mcdonalds as a treat for breakfast with my brother and his friends followed by a quick look round a retail park. I then went to my auntys and helped her bake cakes for her cafe all afternoon. We managed to make 12 cakes in about 5 hours which is something to be proud of! It was so much fun and it's inspired me to get baking at home.

Once I got home, I then proceeded to cook dinner (domestic goddess, I know) which was a tasty chorizo jambalaya. Just put a carrot cake in the oven which'll hopefully turn out nice.

Now off to watch some good ol' tele and relax for a bit. It's the Great British Sewing Bee which i'm enjoying watching and then barely legal drivers. Hope everyone is enjoying easter hols!


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