Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Super Summer of 2013!

Who's excited about summer? I am!

I have such a good summer planned and after monday, it'll begin! Monday marks my last exam for this academic year and i'm really looking to the freedom afterwards. Next thursday it's Rutherford day - a day in which my hall celebrates everyone who's been there and includes bouncy castles and BBQ's. Let's hope the weather is beautiful. Next friday, i'll be finally heading home for the summer which is a super exciting but also a little sad. I've really enjoyed living in halls this year and experiencing university. I'm going to miss all my uni friends so much but we're gonna meet up over the summer at least twice so it shouldn't be too bad.

Although i'll really miss uni, i'm really looking forward to being at home again and seeing home friends and family. I'll definitely be baking and cooking a lot as it's what I love to do! I've got a job secured for over the summer at my local coop which i'm really looking forward to as it'll give me a chance to earn some money and top up my savings a bit (they've been suffering recently). I'm also aiming to try and pass my driving test - i've had about 16 lessons so far and I know I can do it!

I'm not going on a major holiday this year, my family hasn't planned a holiday but I am going on holiday with a group of friends for 3 days to a beach resort, I've never been on holiday with friends before so it'll be really exciting and a heck of a lot of fun! I've also got two weddings to go to - my nan's and my cousins! 

What a packed summer!

Blogallsorts love xxx

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