Thursday, 6 June 2013

Daily snap day 6

Hello everybody, after a rather hectic few days, I decided to chill out today and didn't get out of bed till half 12! I decided to do this as i've got 12 days before my next and last exam and haven't had a lie in for ages! 

Here is a picture of a little garden in my university with a story to go with it. A few weeks ago, me and a friend went exploring the university at night to try and find this garden. We'd liked each other for a while and both knew it but were waiting for a while before we started going out. We finally found the garden and sat on the bench (seen in the dome) for a while, chatted and watched the stars. It was at this point he asked me to be his girlfriend (n'aww) :P. I haven't actually seen it in the light so I thought i'd take a trip down there today to have a look.

Yesterday my real techniques brushes arrived and I made an accompanying video, talking about them all and what they do (just got round to uploading it). I'll do a blog post soon about them all as well:

Hope you're enjoying the sun and whatever else you're doing

Blogallsorts love xxx

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