Monday, 10 June 2013

Daily snap catch up - days #8 and #9

Hey guys, apologies for not uploading my daily snaps for a couple of days, i've been busy with lots of things.

My first snap was taken on the 8th and is of a game of beer pong that me and my friends played saturday evening. We've never played it before but it was actually quite fun and took up a lot of time:

The next two snaps were taken on the 9th (yesterday). In the morning I went to visit the art exhibition of my friend and then went to the BBQ my hall was hosting. My friends Antonia and Georgina made some amazing cupcakes and cookies to sell which can be seen here:

The next picture is a little odd, someone in my hall got brown taped to a tree (for a reason which I don't know) but it was a little funny. (He did manage to escape eventually!):

Hope you've had a good weekend!

Blogallsorts love xx

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