Monday, 3 June 2013

30 day snap day 3 - Sun and happiness!

Hello everybody! After a rather crappy day yesterday, I am having an absolutely fantastic day today! Firstly, I have just been offered a job at my local coop back at home for the summer which is amazing! The hours will be part time and so will suit me more than the full time hours little chef offered me. This means that I can really enjoy the summer and spend more time trying to pass my driving test as well as see friends a lot more. Then, I went to collect my coursework for one of my modules and found out that I got a mark of 76%!! I am so happy as this is a 20 credit module and i've never got a mark this high in coursework before (a first!!). Hopefully the exam for this module will go well tomorrow (and the other exam I have on wednesday). 

Here is a snap of the Hazlerigg-Rutland fountain at my university in all its glory with the sun shining and the sky so blue. I took this snap on my way back from collecting my coursework and it reflects how i'm feeling right now. It is a complete contrast to yesterday and it just goes to show that although we have bad days, we can also have super-duper days to make up for them (like today).

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine!

Blogallsorts love xxx

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