Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Video making!

Hello everybody, I have been busy making videos both on my own and with friends. Yesterday I did a nails tutorial video for simple but pretty nails. This video will be uploaded on wednesday on my youtube channel and I will later post a link to it so you can watch it.

I also did the chubby bunny challenge in the evening with my friends which was so much fun and a lot of laughs ensued! It was also quite messy but was definitely worth it. This video will be uploaded onto my youtube account on friday so get ready for that!

Yesterday I also recorded and posted a video of me reading out one of the poems I have written so  check it out here:

The sun is shining again but today I have three hours of lectures and should probably do some revision this afternoon as i'm not doing anything else. Might be going to the pub this evening though so that's something to look forward to after a day of uni work.

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