Monday, 29 April 2013

Update on my life!

I've been very neglectful of my blog recently which makes me a little sad as it's something I would definitely like to keep going so here's a post to tell you what kinda things have been going on in my life recently. Not quite sure where to start!

I uploaded a new video the other day entitled "I love Spring Tag" and the video can be seen here:
This is the link if it fails to work:

This video is based on a blog post my cousin did about spring in which she asked herself questions about spring and tagged me to answer those questions too. I answer the questions and respond by showing a few of my favourite spring products.

I've had a fair few nights out with my friends which were good but have left me feeling extremely tired from the lack of sleep i've had! (I know, it's my own fault :P). I've been feeling really busy at the moment with both lectures/stuff to learn and spending time with friends although this is good as i'm the type of person who likes to be kept busy as I get bored easily. I've also recently got my exam timetable and my exams are just over a month away which is a little daunting but i'm sure i'll be able to cope with it, just need to start revising properly now and actually making time for it.

On friday I had another good driving lesson and started learning manouvers like a turn in the road which was slightly scary! Then had a job interview at the students union which was the hardest interview i've ever done in my life! Glad I had the experience of it thought but I haven't heard anything about whether i've got the job. However, I have got an interview at the end of May for a restaurant near where I live at home for a summer job which should be good. Fingers crossed it goes okay as I really need to earn some money ready for next year at uni.

I've had a good weekend as i've done some more cooking (made a lovely risotto/jambalaya thing). Yesterday I had a nice shopping trip with my psychology friends and I got some more supplies of my favourite foundation (and it was on offer!). Then I went out for a bike ride with my friend who usually goes out on 20 mile bike rides and so is experienced in riding! I got about 3.5 miles out and then started to get really tired and couldn't make it up the hills we were cycling up (see picture below of me pushing my bike up the hill):

So we began to head back which was a lot more fun as it was downhill and you could go really fast (we got up to about 25mph) on a bike. Then, after some dinner I had a game of monopoly with a few friends which went on for 3 hours after which we stopped coz we were getting bored. Didn't do too well but it was a lot of fun.

Today I have a lecture soon but then i'm free later and might use the time to catch up on some tele and/or do a little bit of revision if I have the motivation (unlikely). Ironically, the lecture I have today is on motivation... 

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