Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm a book-a-holic!

Yesterday I started reading the Diary of Anne Frank as I've always been meaning to read it but never got round to starting it. Already a quarter of the way through and it's really good, weird to think that it was actually someone's diary and what I am reading all happened. I remember seeing the students reading it in The Freedom Writers and wanted to see what the holocaust was like from a Jewish person's perspective.

Talking about diaries, I went shopping today and couldn't resist picking up the book of Bridget Jones's Diary for £1. I absolutely love the film and thought that it's about time I actually read the book as it will most likely be better than the film. I love getting into a good book and being completely absorbed into another world, time or place (especially if I have a bar of chocolate beside me). Joining the book club at uni has got me back into reading again and it looks like i've got a lot of reading to do over the summer as I also picked up P.S. I love you for 50p (thank god for charity shops!). This is another story that I've seen the film of but never got round to reading the book.

Apologies if i'm starting to sound like a geek now, I tend to do that sometimes. My favourite book series are definitely The Hunger Games as they are so different from other books and I love adventure books.

Now, onto another subject! Had a nice gathering with my friends last night and it was so good to see them again, looking forward to a holiday with some of them in the summer, can't wait to get away and relax after my exams. Hopefully the weather will have picked up by then! At least it's getting a bit sunnier now and the clocks changing has brought another hour of daylight.

Hope everybody is enjoying the last bank holiday of easter xxx

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  1. Loved Ps. I love you! Read it during gcse revision and couldn't put it down, oops... Nice blog :) Becca xx