Monday, 25 March 2013

New bike, pub quiz and a spot of lunch

Hey everybody!

Yesterday evening I finally got a new bike after someone stole my other one from uni :( It's blue and works really well for the price it was. At least I can get around now instead of not being able to go anywhere except for with other people. Can't wait to use it to try and get a little more fit :D Pub quiz actually went well for once, got 25/40 but not good enough to win a prize.

Good news! I have made my first video: "25 facts about me" which should be available on youtube (once it has finished uploading). The link to my channel is as follows:

Today I did a spot of revision (for once), made and edited 2 videos (which are now uploading) and went to lunch and had a good chat with a friend. Was really nice as we hadn't seen and spoken to each other for a while. Haven't got much else on today but my brother is off tomorrow so we might do something.

TTFN, Miranda xx

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