Sunday, 24 March 2013

Here goes!

Hello everyone who cares to see this :P I've decided to start a blog! This'll be all about my daily life and I will go on to post youtube videos in a few weeks (hopefully). I'll be blogging about all kinds of things, hence the name blog allsorts. I made a logo for this blog yesterday which you can see below. So lets get started!

Yesterday I did some serious shopping in Westfields (Stratford) with my cousins and got some really pretty clothes to wear now and over the summer. My ASOS order also arrived which was a nice thing to come home to after a days shopping. A long soak in the bath ensued later on with my new bubble bar from lush, a good end to a lovely day!

Roast chicken is on the menu for lunch today which I have missed dearly since being at uni due to the crap I usually eat! My friends are also coming home today which I'm so excited about and we're going to pub quiz it up this evening. Hopefully we wont come last AGAIN coz of all the questions that are aimed at middle aged/old people.

Another post will be coming soon, but ta-ta for now! :) xxx

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