Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Or as they say in Germany, Frohe Ostern! Well, the clocks have gone forward an hour today, meaning we've lost an hours sleep :( Not been dealing too badly with it actually though although I do feel a little tired. Here's a picture of some easter eggs to get you in the eastery mood!

Yesterday evening I went to the pub with one of my friends and had a nice catch up and chat and then went for a McFlurry with my brother and his girlfriend after that, a good day! 

Today I played my Clarinet at church for the easter service and have just tucked into a nice roast beef lunch. It's pub quiz night again tonight which i'm really looking forward to as a lot of my friends are able to come. I haven't seen some of them for 3-4 months coz of uni! I'm liking being at home and seeing all my other friends again but a part of me misses uni as well as I like my independence and the stuff to do around me (My village here is very small and has a limited number of things to do). 

I hope you have all had/are having a nice easter and enjoying gorging out on chocolates if you managed to get an easter egg from the shops (they have been running out pretty much everywhere).


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